Rajendra Patil Hunma


Leadership potential is in all of us.  We only need to do what it takes to continually improve its effectiveness.   This is what the two-day highly interactive MQA-approved workshop aims to do.   This workshop was first run on October 2-3, 2017.  The next one is scheduled for January, 2018.

Participants will come out with a clear understanding of the value-based collaborative process of leadership and of the related leadership practices that would foster trust, engagement and commitment on the part of followers.  

 Pre-workshop preparation
  • The workshop would involve some pre-course reading. 
  • The links to the reading material will be emailed to participants upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

Workshop follow-up
  • One hour post-workshop individual coaching on appointment following the administration of a 360-degree assessment.

To enrol, please email:  farzana@ptceducation.com    -   phone: 242 0460 /  242 2045

If you wish to run the workshop as an in-house event exclusively for your organisation, please contact us .