Rajendra Patil Hunma



1.   Employment Law for Managers

A basic understanding of the main provisions of employment law and the underlying philosophy / psychological implications is critical for any manager or supervisor.  It not only minimizes the risk of costly mistakes but more importantly boosts the manager's confidence in handling routine situations in the workplace.

Topics of this highly interactive full-day workshop involving numerous case studies include
1. The spirit underlying employment law
2. The Employment contract
3. Discrimination and violence
4. Discipline / termination for misconduct
5. Performance management / termination for poor performance
6. Remuneration
7. Retirement

Fees: Rs8,000 (MQA-approved)
Date:  TBA

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If you wish to run the workshop as an in-house event exclusively for your organisation, please contact us .

2.   Liberate the Leader in You

This workshop is for those who aspire to create a culture that is transformational and trustworthy, to enhance personal leadership attributes such as self-leadership and authenticity and to create an empowering environment that engages stakeholders in significant and sustainable change.  

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the value-based collaborative process of leadership and of the related leadership practices that would foster trust, engagement and commitment on the part of their collaborators.  

Topics of this highly interactive 2 full-day workshop  include
  • Evolution of leadership practice
  • Management v.s Leadership
  • Change leadership
  • Empowerment and engagement
  • Self-awareness
  • Values and trust
  • Recognition

Pre-workshop preparation
  • The workshop involves some pre-course reading. 
  • The links to the reading material will be emailed to participants upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

Workshop follow-up
  • One hour post-workshop individual coaching on appointment following the administration of a 360-degree assessment.

Fees: Rs15,000 (MQA-approved)
Date:  TBA

To register, please contact us.

If you wish to run the workshop as an in-house event exclusively for your organisation, please contact us .