Rajendra Patil Hunma

What others say about me


​Over the course of several years, I worked with Patil Hunma on organizational development and talent management issues. He is insightful, strategic, and has a wealth of business experience. Patil is a valued colleague and collaborator who develops and implements thoughtful, thorough, and effective solutions. I recommend him highly.  

Kim E. Ruyle, President, Inventive Talent Consulting

Patil understands and models what leading others is all about. He is a great teacher, even for people like me, who have been developing leaders for nearly thirty years. I admire his patience to reflect on things, and the thoughtful, relevant insights he is then able to offer. With his deep knowledge, vast experience, and genuine passion about serving others, he has proven to be a coach, mentor and advisor of enormous value.

Steve Coats, Managing Partner, International Leadership Associates

Patil Hunma was my GP teacher at Royal College Curepipe in the 1980s. Young and dynamic, he was keen on adding a fresh dimension to the English Department. Thanks to him, many of my peers embarked on an adventure that is sorely missed today in our educational system: drama. He took the initiative of staging ‘Julius Caesar’ and ‘Macbeth’ over two successive years. These were memorable experiences that marked the life of a generation of students. A decade later, we met again with a shift in our respective positions – I was in teaching and Patil in management. However, it was mostly his newspapers articles that caught my attention. His perspectives on education and leadership showed some real insight.
Kevin Pather, Educator

I have known Patil Hunma as my mentor when I was still struggling to come to terms with myself amidst the turmoil of my adolescent years. He challenged me to think critically and to come out of my timid shell to express myself. From the English class, he took us to the world of Shakespeare through stage play. Looking back at it all, I am pleasantly surprised at how easily we rose to the challenge under his guidance to incarnate those historic characters. We braved all odds with the limited means that we had then to go for national performance.  I am happy to note that he has not changed.  He is still on a mission to inspire the upcoming generations to realise their potential to be the agents of change.
Yugesh D. Panday, Rector