Rajendra Patil Hunma

"if your actions inpire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"
​John Quincy Adams

​​The foundation of leadership

“I have crafted a strategy for my organization and somehow cannot get it off the ground…”
“I want to re-orient my life but I just cannot get out of the rut I am in …”

Sounds familiar?   Please read on...

Strategy implementation requires a highly engaged team.  Creating and maintaining such teams is an adaptive challenge which necessitates a significant shift in how we exercise leadership.

Similarly, on an individual level, we all aspire to progress in life and to be happy.  While this is a legitimate aspiration, it is often elusive.  We often allow ourselves to drift into mindsets or situations which are not conducive to achieving our end-goal.  What we lack is effective self-leadership.  Interestingly, this self-leadership is the foundation of leader


A customised set of solutions is on offer for individuals and organisations to enhance strategy implementation, employee engagement and customer service.

Patil Hunma

About Me

" Everyone needs a trusted adviser, whether you are tackling a new assignment, implementing a major change initiative or aspiring for a personal and/or professional breakthrough. 

I am passionate about enabling people to be the best they can become and to realize their leadership potential.  This is reflected in my various roles as teacher, HR Manager, training facilitator and leadership coach over the last three decades. "

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